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Kick in the Shorts

by Brett M. Story

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released January 6, 2016

Brett M. Story - Vocals/Guitar

Recorded by Brett M. Story in December 2015 in St. Louis, MO.
Mixing and Mastering by Alex Weymier in December 2015 in Denton, TX.

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Brett M. Story

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Track Name: Secret
I got a secret that’s in my heart
I’ve got a secret, it’s in my blood
My kidneys and my liver too
I got a secret I’m not telling you

I just think if I could get away
Hide in the mountains for just one day
Climbing higher and higher
Maybe I could find the words to say
Track Name: Smooth Recall
If I was born in Minnesota, maybe I’d be in the NHL
I’d be on the best team, I’d play in a full rink
And every single sweater would sell
Instead I was born in Missouri
Where when the ponds freeze,
We all get worried about
Milk and bread at the grocery store
Well I don’t wanna live here anymore
But I’ve got roots

And if I was born a Saskatoon
Maybe, oh, maybe I’d be a moose
But I’m not

And if I’d grown up with happy parents
Well, maybe oh maybe I’d be happy too
But I didn’t grow up with happy parents
And I gave it all up way too soon

Everything sad is smooth recall
Track Name: Transistor
Why labor so hard?
When it’s so easy
To drop your guard

Flow through the machine
When it turns on
Lose all meaning

You don’t want the pain of breaking down
Sleepless nights where peace ain’t found
So just let it go and

Flow through the machine
When it turns on
Track Name: Grace
There was a young boy when I was younger
Life had searched and found his number
He didn’t let it get away with grace

So many young girls filled with hunger
Kissing boys to make them wonder
Kissing girls to get a taste

Now what is our place in everything?
They all want to know
Or they want to go back in time
When they didn’t want to know

There was a young boy when I was younger
Life had searched and found his number
He didn’t let it get away with grace
Track Name: Breaking Up The Band
Early morning, I was just another passerby
He looked at me bragging like a frog who’d just caught a fly
And why oh why oh why oh why
Did you have to kill my buzz like that

It was on campus, a whole semester after
You and him were so caught up in laughter and you could just
Die just die just die just die that day
Is all I thought after all I’d lost

When the notes went south, you sent me out the door
I’ve thought about it and I don’t miss you
I’ve discovered so many things about myself
You never told me, was I out of time or out of tune?

Walking past semen smelling Bradford pears
A little high a little dazed, but totally aware
That you oh you oh you oh you
Had never felt so free since you left me

And I hope you saw that I was free too
I guess we moved on and you’ve got a new tune
Wish the very best in every single thing you do
Stay in time, stay in tune